my parents sold their restaurant/club omfg???? literally im so hAppy im gonna make them send me to ibiza

i didnt puke last night because i drank too much i puked last night because im a performance artist

hangover chic
im pretty when i cry 1!!1!
paeai asked pls I won't come over to kill u but we can have more chardonnay and talk about how much we hate people and it'll be okay maybe

i thintk if i drink more chardonnay i will throw up     again. :( 

can sum1. come over to my house and Kill me ??? i feel like every1 is just so rude and i Literally dont have the time

its 4:15 AM i literally puked on my best friend 2day hbu


Tracey EminGet Out From Living Inside Of Me

love/hate xanax love/hate


guys send me short stories i wna read something i wanna learn something

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